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DLK Window Tinting LLC have worked with some of the most respected businesses within Michigan to carry out quality commercial window film services to buildings and offices.

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A lady showing how hot she is without energy saving window film in a USA office
$22Billion dollars a year is estimated to leak out of Americans pockets due to trying keep the working climate cool and Mt. Clemens has it’s fair share of that cost. Installing a heat reduction window film in the right environment can help cut these costs dramatically.
A team of people in a USA office with no privacy
Having a private work environment in Mt. Clemens is extremely important, that is why we have teamed up with Kepler to offer some of the best one-way window films in the market to give you and your staff the privacy you desire.
A burglary breaking into a property of a home in USA that doesn't have security window film
Commercial properties encounter over $ 3 billion dollars a year worth of burglaries. Many businesses are looking to cameras as a deterrent, but Kepler K-Shield security window film offered by DLK Window Tinting LLC can delay break-ins all together. See More
A shop front in the USA with graffiti on the glass that has anti-graffiti window film
Graffiti damage is estimated to be $ 12 billion dollars a year, and damaged/etched glass is a massive portion of this. Anti-Graffiti window film is easily replaced if damaged and can make your Mt. Clemensbuilding look like new and save you thousands in damage yearly.
An outside view showing window film improving a commercial building
Outdated buildings can lower team moral or even make it hard to lease a property out. Hundreds of Mt. Clemens commercial buildings are turning to window film in Mt. Clemens to help transform the look of their building. Window tinting is the most cost effective way to achieve this.
A shop front with anti-UV window film installed a window stopping the USA shopfront from fading
The Sun and mostly the Sun’s UV fades just about anything it gets into contact with. By installing high absorbing UV window films in Mt. Clemens we have helped combat this. We also offer virtually invisible window films that offer 99% UV Reduction.
A lady uncomfortable in an office because there is too much glare coming through the window
A Working environment in Mt. Clemens with OPEN windows is always a better condition to work in. The problem is, the Sun can make it extremely stressful on the eyes, so many companies tend to actually close their blinds to combat this. By installing glare reduction window films in Mt. Clemens we have helped commercial building make use of their windows without the need to cover them up.
A window that has shattered but held in place because of security window film installed
Safety window films in Mt. Clemens is becoming used more and more with all the new regulations that constantly being put in place due to employee / customer injuries. Pre-empt any issues you may have by installing a safety window film that will stop flying glass shared from injuring anyone.
Kepler window film box for Tintbusiness website

Kepler architectural window film highlights

IR protection 85 %
Glare reduction 100 %
UV protection 98 %
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View our films with Kepler Experience°

Here at DLK Window Tinting LLC we know just how important choosing the right window film for your business is! Sometimes looking at still images is not a true representation of the finished product once installed! That is why here at DLK Window Tinting LLC we have integrated the full Kepler Experience on our website to help you make the right choice for your Michigan business.

The #1 commercial window film installation services in the Michigan area.

With the new technologies Kepler window films are bringing to this industry, we can offer a window film to solve almost any window related problem you may have. So whether you have a heat relates issue, or even a privacy related issue, here at DLK Window Tinting LLC we offer it all! Get in touch to day for a quick and easy quote

Gold's Gym

Window Film is used to stop the heat entering through the windows and keep the air-conditioning bills down along with make it a better environment for Gold’s Gym members.

Best Buy

Kepler Cosmic 22 window film is used for privacy and aesthetics on the front of Best Buys building. Not only will this make the building look better, but it will also stop a huge amount of heat from entering the building.

Office block

Kepler Ecliptic 28 is installed on this office block building to help with glare-related issues and keep the air conditioning costs down. This film can stop as much as 60% of the heat from entering the building.

Chase Bank

Chase was having an issue with heat entering through the windows, they decided to opt for a light ceramic window film which is designed to stop the heat from entering through the glass while still being able to see in.

DLK Window Tinting LLC commercial window tinting FAQ

Here at DLK Window Tinting LLC we pride ourself in not only our commercial window tinting abilities, but also our customer/business relationships as well! We have compiled some FAQ’s that we get from our valued Mt. Clemens customers.

Car window tinting can take anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours depending on the vehicle. DLK Window Tinting LLC use an appointment system to ensure our customers are not rushed like some other “production line” tint businesses out there who focus on the maximum amount of car tints a day.
No. Today’s high-quality window films reduce the sun’s glare and will actually have a sharper view through your windows.
Window tint can change the appearance of your businesses, but we also offer some films which are virtually undetectable and most people will not notice any changes to your home. Additionally we offer some films which are actually less reflective than ordinary window glass.

Tinted windows do not require special cleaners, but it’s best to avoid glass cleaner with ammonia or scraping the tint with a blade, as it can damage the window tint. Here at DLK Window Tinting LLC, we recommend cleaning your tinted windows can be cleaned with a soft, non-abrasive cloth for the best results.

Yes. A business owner can save up to 50% in some cases. The amount of savings will depend on the type of window tint and the general construction of your windows. Climate, sun exposure, existing energy costs, and the efficiency of air conditioning and heating systems are also factors to be considered regarding energy savings.
Yes. Fading is caused by sunlight produced heat, UV rays, and visible light. All of which are can be controlled by the right choice in window film. While no window tint will completely stop fading, our window films can reduce the damage by up to 80%, which extends the lifetime and appearance of your possessions, furniture, and saves on high replacement costs.
Window films are applied to the interior side of your windows in most cases.
First, we evaluate your individual needs with a professional consultation. Second, we protect the installation areas and clean the interior of the windows. Finally, we apply the film using a mild water-based chemical solution.
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